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The magic of Chateau du Doux

On Saturday, I set off in the rain for Chateau du Doux. I’d been watching the forecast for a couple of weeks and it wasn’t looking good. Jason and Chloë had been waiting a long time for this…

I drove through light rain, heavy rain, heavier rain and very heavy rain, wondering whether the weather would wash out the evening party I was due to play with SouthWest.

But as I got closer to the chateau, the rain petered out. The tarmac became dry. And it seemed like some magic was being woven. The road stayed dry, and I stopped to snap this very poor shot with my functional phone camera:

chateau du doux from afar
The chateau glimpsed through the trees

When I got there, everyone was outside, relaxing after the ceremony – and didn’t even know it was one of the wettest days of the year so far. There was no obvious magician present but, well, you never know…

Here’s a panorama from inside the performance area, where there is now a bar!

chateau du doux panorama
The performance space at Chateau du Doux

Work never stops for the owners here – they put this in during a full wedding season – and still they are the loveliest people.

Many congratulations again to Jason and Chloë – and huge THANKS for having us along for your Big Day! (Also, thanks to all the dancers for your energy and enthusiasm! You rocked!)

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