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Lessons from the first wedding of 2022

Setting up in the new performance area

Last Saturday saw the first wedding of the 2022 season, at the beautiful Chateau du Doux (as seen on TV).

The weather (as you can see) could not have been more perfect. It was somewhere in the high 20sC and not a cloud in the sky. Which led to two errors, as I left my house in the morning:

  1. I did not take a sweater for after the gig. It’s a rookie mistake, but I made it. By the time we packed up, the temperature was around 10C and falling. Note to self: When you tidy the car, put some of the useful mess back.
  2. I left my normal glasses on the coffee table at home, ‘cos obviously I was only going to need sunnies. Again, rookie error. The prescription isn’t that strong, so I can still drive (and there aren’t many cars at 03h00), but still… not ideal.

Another mistake was not to have a bottle of drinking water for the drive over there. I grabbed a juice carton from the fridge, which is not easy to drink from. Turn it sideways and it causes a spillage you don’t want on the way to a gig. Only a small thing, but worth mentioning, if only to help the lesson sink in.

The last mistake was to leave my snazzy new USB adapter in the socket at home. Although it was perfectly safe there, that was not why I bought it. The cat has no use for it. Again, a minor mistake, but I’m being thorough. And a lovely wedding guest stepped in with an adapter I could borrow.

The wedding itself was glorious. An Irish wedding and also my first wedding as an Irish citizen. A lovely couple, with great friends, who became impressively committed dancers, and an enthusiastic and supportive crowd in the evening.

On behalf of the band, I wish Alan and Noelle all the very best for their ongoing journey, as husband and wife!

Looking forward to returning to Chateau du Doux soon for another Irish wedding. They really can’t be beaten!

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