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Introducing The Moody Ruse

Moody Blues tribute band
Coming to an arts centre near you

Since coming to the UK in September, I’ve been looking for a band. I joined a few websites and Facebook pages, and responded to a few possibilities…

Mark replied to one of my comments, asking if I’d be interested in joining a Moody Blues tribute band. I had a listen and it turned out I was interested.

It’s a new band, so we all auditioned each other. We had some Spinal Tap-like issues filling the drummer’s stool, but have settled on a five-piece lineup, with Archie (on vocals), Mark (guitar), Me, Ozzy (bass) and John (drums).

We’ve put a setlist together and have a gig in the diary for April 22nd at Fairycroft House in Saffron Walden. I’ll post more nearer the time, but if you’d like to start following the band on social media, I’ve made a website and set up an Instagram account. There’s also a Facebook page run by Mark.

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