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New piano tutorial(s), at last

About seven years ago, when I was living in a yurt in the woods, in southwest France, I did some tutorials on my YouTube channel.

The lighting isn’t great and I was struggling with a barely adequate camera. But I wanted to give something back to the You Tubes, by way of a Thank You for all the help it had given me at that point. (I’d needed to learn a lot of songs – fast – for my solo piano set, plus bands, duo and all that jazz…)

I’ve been wanting to do some more tutorials for ages.

This week, I finally did it, starting with the song I usually end my set with. Truly, one of the most beautiful songs ever written. As you can see here:

Looks like I need to tweak the framing on future cover images

The equipment

Here’s the terrifying amount of gear I used to make this.

  • Cameras: iPhone 11 and iPad 4 mini
  • Keyboard: Nord Electro 6 HP
  • Mixing desk: Yamaha MG12XU
  • Computer: iMac (late 2013)
  • Software: Garageband and iMovie (Pages and Preview for the chapter markers), iRealPro for the chord chart

My intention is to make more videos of other songs on my set list. If I do one a week, this will take me a couple of years.

Watch this cyberspace for details.

One more thing

I’m going to keep an eye on my subscriber number on YouTube, with a – ahem – view to increasing them and, eventually, earning some money to pay back some of that investment in equipment. Apparently, posting a couple of #shorts helps, and so I did that.

Here are my starting stats. I quite like the number of likes for the tutorial video, which have increased even further while writing this article. Go me!

youtube piano tutorial stats
Now 20 views and 5 likes. I like those figures…

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