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After they liked they Boby Lapointe video I put together in this post, Histoire de Jouer asked if I could make a video of another show starring Pascal Destal. Of course, I said yes. I’ve only got songs to learn and videos to make for the next few months (apart from a few gigs—the first of which is on Wednesday…).

Equipment was rudimentary. I had one GoPro Hero 3 mounted on a mic stand halfway up the hall and Pascal gave me his mobile phone for a second camera. (This actually has a better picture as you’ll see.) During the show, Pascal’s phone battery died and I had to get hold of another phone to finish the show. Sound was recorded on my H1n at the front of the stage and it was all cut together in iMovie.

The picture quality isn’t exactly BBC standards, but you get a good feeling for what this show is about—and the client is very happy. Tomorrow, it’s time to brush up on some Christmas kids’ show songs for the return of La Petite Guiguette, with the wonderful Katia.

The Magnum impro show—where the audience are the stars (in French)

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