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New videos – now and coming soon

After trying various bits of software, I’ve settled on a relatively easy and educational new video style for my YouTube channel.

The app I’ve gone with is called See Music. I have my main keyboard plugged into a mixing desk, which is plugged into this confuser with a USB cable (for the audio file). The keyboard is also plugged directly into the confuser, so it can generate a MIDI file from inside the See Music app.

Then all I have to do is play the song without any mistakes, in one take. Believe it or not, this is the easiest way of doing this at the moment…

Once I have a take that is acceptable, I add some video effects from inside the app, which is exceptionally easy.

Last week, I published the following:

A solo piano arrangement of “Space Oddity

The Prelude in C, almost certainly by Bach’s wife

And this version of “We are the champions

Over the coming months, I’ll be making many new videos, then publishing them on this website along with the chord chart or sheet music, for anyone who wants to work on them at home.

Feel free to like them on the You tubes, and/or subscribe. (I wonder when people will no longer feel the need to say that before or after posting videos. I think we all get the picture…)


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