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Chord chart and video samples for DIY wedding pianists

you need chord charts for all these songs
There are so many great songs to learn… A video and chord chart definitely helps

A chord chart is a great first step in learning a new song. So I’ve included one (or the sheet music) with each of the following songs, featured on my set list. I’ve also created some videos to give you an idea of how to play them.

I hope you find them interesting and useful.

What a wonderful world | Louis Armstrong version

We are the champions | Freddie Mercury

Space Oddity | David Bowie

Prelude in C | Mrs Bach

Rocket Man | Elton John

Comptine d’un autre été | Yann Tiersen

The option on the chord chart gives you another path to go down, if you are extending the song. Perhaps because the bride or groom is running late. (This happens more rarely than you might think.)

We have all the time in the world | John Barry

Blackbird | Paul McCartney

Chord chart and video samples added regularly

For more videos – solo and in various lineups – check out my YouTube channel. The older tutorial videos also include chords to help you learn them faster than working them out yourself!

If you would like a chord chart for any of the songs I play, drop me a line.