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Foundling Museum Wedding

Wedding at the founding museum
The wedding was held in the Court Room of the Foundling Museum

On Saturday, I drove into central London for a wedding at the Foundling Museum, in Brunswick Square. (It took days to try and register my French-registered car for the congestion charge and I’m still not sure I was successful. I figure they’ll find me if they want some money. I really did try to pay it. Honest, guv.)

Even after playing in and around French chateaux for a decade, the surroundings were sumptuous. That picture at the end there is by Hogarth. I didn’t ask how much it’s worth.

After the ceremony in the Court Room, we adjourned to a nearby room for afternoon tea, where I got to play this beautiful baby grand…

foundling museum piano
The baby grand in the Picture Gallery

As so often happens, I forgot to record the first set I played. But I did record much of the afternoon. I’ll be putting some videos together and uploading some mp3s in the coming days.

Later on today, I’m teaching at a performing arts school in Melton Mowbray. I should probably tell you about that…

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