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I’m a UK wedding pianist now

Moving to the UK was easy, but not without stress points.

I’ve moved countries before — a few times — but France was home for the last 15 years.

The country is familiar, obviously, but changing absolutely everything around you has quite an impact. And launching a new business — again — certainly has its challenges, in these uncertain times.

A new handle on things

One of the first things I did was change my Instagram handle to “UK wedding pianist” — a name that was just waiting for me. Then I wondered how long it would be until I worked again.

Within days, a former colleague booked me for their wedding in November. Which was excellent.

A short time after that, I got a booking for a wedding at The Headland Hotel in Cornwall. Even after playing at all those chateaux in France, this building is massively impressive.

the headland hotel
Venues don’t get much bigger than this

And wait until you see the view…

headland hotel view
You can see the sea from just about everywhere

I was booked for the ceremony and cocktails. A baby grand was provided in the ceremony room, and then I played more publicly in the bar.

headland hotel piano
I forgot to take a panorama this time. Oops.

Four weeks to the day after my last wedding in France, I’m back in business!

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