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Last wedding in France this year

Four weeks ago last Saturday, I returned to the wonderful Chateau du Doux for the end of my French wedding season. (And the end of my 15 years as a French resident.)

Daniel and Charlotte FINALLY tied the knot — after years of Covid delays.

I was in the hot seat for the ceremony and got to play a mashup of “Fools rush in” and Canon in D that I’ve wanted to try for ages.

Here’s a panorama from my usual spot in the shade above the terrace… and That View…

wedding piano panorama
I made a video of this wedding, as you can see below

When I finished playing the cocktails after the service, it was off to the performance area to set up with SouthWest…

My last Chateau du Doux panorama of the year!

We kicked off as the sun set and a fantastic time was had by all! (As the video shows.)

Thanks again to Daniel and Charlotte — and the Dream Team at the chateau. And the band. And Nord keyboards. And Yamaha, Roland and everyone else who made it possible.

A week after this Big Day, I was living in England and wondering when my next gig would be. (Spoiler alert: It was the Saturday just gone. More on that soon…)

Wedding video

Here’s a video of the whole show

Feedback from Daniel

We just wanted to say a big thank you to you and the band for a superb performance. Everybody I’ve spoken to since said what a good time they had and a lot of people were saying it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to! So we must have done something right!

My personal thanks to you also – I know we were delayed in getting the ceremony started, which meant you were playing piano far longer than you anticipated. That said, I loved it – the processional and then walking out to Here Comes the Sun with the sun actually shining is a feeling I’ll never forget!

Daniel Higginson

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