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Beyond Carcassonne

My knowledge when I wrote this post, claiming a wedding near Montauban was the furthest south I was going this summer, was incomplete. I was, in fact, going much further south than that.

Beyond Carcassonne, to Chateau Rieutort, near Montpellier.

If you don’t know Carcassonne (or the excellent board game by the same name), it is a breathtakingly beautiful walled city in the south of France. On the way past, I stopped to take these photos from the autoroute viewing points, so you don’t have to.

carcassonne eastbound
Carcassonne heading south or east
carcassonne heading west
Carcassonne heading west or north

Because of the (at least) five-hour drive, I checked into a B&B the day before the wedding, so I could be fresh on the day.

I arrived at the chateau and was greeted by the largest groomsmen I’ve seen this year. (Rugby players, as it turned out.) Here’s where I set up for the welcome drinks and wedding ceremony…

chateau rieutort wedding
The scene for Amy and Ben’s Big Day

After a very emotional service and handfasting, I moved through for cocktails. I shot some video and I’ll put something together soon. I just have to focus on my last French wedding this year and then have a small matter of moving to the UK, next week.

Thank you to Amy and Ben, for having me along (finally) for your re-wedding. Sorry to hear about the goldfish and huge congratulations on the dog! I wish you all the best for a long and happy future!

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