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Musical feast near Montauban

On Saturday, I headed south, to play for Charlotte and Sam, during the wedding feast part of the day. It was hot, when I arrived, as you might be able to feel from this image…

family wedding marquee
Hot? Well, now you come to mention it…

I don’t normally play during dinner, and I’d been a bit worried about this for a while. But, having played that gig with the Steinway grand recently, I was prepared.

A couple of days before, I received some song requests, including a few I hadn’t played for a while, but I had just enough time to brush up before the show.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a couple of video clips of the singer who played after me. She accompanied herself on acoustic guitar and is absolutely excellent. I wish her every success and commend Sam and Charlotte for choosing her to animate this intimate, beautiful family wedding. (And, of course, for having me along, too…)

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