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Wedding in Limeuil, party in Lalinde

On Friday, I had the great pleasure of playing a wedding ceremony in the church at Limeuil. If you don’t know this part of France, it is one of the most beautiful villages anywhere. At river level, the Dordogne and Vézère meet by a restaurant I’ve played at a few times over the years. And at the top of the hill is a panoramic garden that is a must-see for all visitors.

I know it well, but this is the first time I’ve been in here…

church in limeuil panorama
The 14th-Century Eglise Sainte Catherine in Limeuil, with a familiar priest

This vicar married the couple at the last wedding I played and it was excellent to see him again. I learnt a new hymn and prepared some other songs and it all went very well. I even got to play Mendelssohn’s Wedding March for the first time and the bride had the most spectacular dress I’ve ever seen.

Later that day

After the service, I went to Les Magnolias in Lalinde, which is about five minutes from where I used to live. Here’s the now-obligatory panorama of SouthWest setting up outside the marquee…

les magnolias wedding
Rain had threatened, but Fortune smiled on us all

Because this is a new venue to this blog, I snapped some other shots on my ancient mobile phone.

A huge THANK YOU to Kate and Sydney, for having me and SouthWest on your BIG day. I’m sure James the DJ looked after you long into the night!

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