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On Saturday, I drove about 20 minutes away for the wedding of Harriet and Leo at Chateau le Tour.

Rain had been threatening this long-awaited day for a couple of weeks. And it was still spitting during the morning, as I set my keyboard up for the wedding ceremony. Bravely, they opted to hold this outside. Which paid off, as it happened…

wedding music - piano
It was raining earlier – honest!

Following the service, I reset for cocktails. The weather still uncertain, so I sat in the corner of the band’s marquee – just next to the banquet tent.

Here’s a photo from later, that shows the whole layout (including the rest of the band, on the left). My iPad is quite old, but the camera still captured the scene quite well. And regular readers will know how much I love the panorama setting…

chateau le tour panorama
Eventually, the rain gave up and went somewhere else

A little later than scheduled (and yes, this almost always happens), SouthWest played until gone midnight. And, also yes, a Very Good Time was had by all!

chateau le tour wedding
A chateau, a marquee, and a tent for the band – everything you need for a perfect wedding

Many, many congratulations to Harriet and Leo – and thank you for having me (and us) for your Big Day!

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