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Gold medals all round

On Sunday, I drove through the rain (again – which wasn’t falling only on the plain) to Chateau de la Couronne.

chateau de la couronne
A rain-speckled start to a wonderful day

Matt and Emma (my first Olympian bride!) had waited so long for this day that they were joined by their new baby! And Reggie, the most well-behaved (and photogenic) dog you could possibly imagine.

A few weeks ago, Emma asked me for “God only knows” as the Recessional song. It must be the hardest contemporary song I’ve ever worked on. The chords are put together in a totally unexpected way and it’s very hard to find the logic. Fortunately, I managed to get on top of it in the last few days, and didn’t fall into any of the traps set by Brian Wilson (who apparently wrote it in 20 minutes!).

Now it’s on the set list forever, so there’s a good chance you’ll hear me play it if you see me in the future… (Fun fact, this is Paul McCartney’s favourite Beach Boys song. He’s also a big fan of using diminished chords.)

The rain stopped play outside, so I used the chateau’s baby grand piano for the ceremony. Then had my keyboard set up in the drinks area.

I spent so long chatting to the groom, the photographer and the owners, I forgot to take a shot of the installation. But the point is, it all went perfectly, with the only hitch being Emma and Matt’s. I even got to play one of my weather-gag songs during cocktails – “Here comes the sun” – although everyone was too busy talking to notice the weather clearing up.

The sun stayed out for the rest of the day, and I handed over to a wedding singer from Margate who could be the brother of comedian Rob Beckett (but isn’t). Then James the DJ was due to play into the night.

By then, I was on my way home, stopping only to snap this shot of sunflowers, and this place name, to send to my girlfriend, who is as juvenile as me…

Thank you Emma and Matt for having me as part of your special day – you win all the wishes for a wildly successful future.

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