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That chateau from the telly

On Saturday, I drove a couple of hours east, to the appropriately named Beaulieu(beautiful area)-sur-Dordogne, for a ceremony and evening party wedding at Chateau du Doux.

I don’t have a TV, so I didn’t know the building and owners have been on this year’s Escape to the Chateau. It’s probably a good job, because it’s a bit strange to know more about someone than they know about you. (I had my 15 minutes of fame a few years ago—not music related—and it is odd being recognised.)

The chapel of love

For the ceremony, I had the great fortune to accompany family friend (and wedding singer) Kate Ella. A proper Irish wedding, we were treated to the full service, with a priest brought over for the occasion. I told you I’d fallen in love with the panorama setting on my iPad (other tablets are available) and here’s what the chapel looked like before the service.

altillac chapel
The 16th-Century chapel in Altillac, just down the road from the chateau.

The rock garden

After the service, moving slowly in the 40ºC (or thereabouts) heat, we set up to play overlooking the veranda at the back of the chateau. Here’s another panorama with—frustratingly for you—my back to the stunning view. And Eric sporting a fetching pair of red shorts.

chateau du doux garden
The view behind me here is spectacular. But so’s the chateau.

Despite the heat, we managed to keep guests on the dance floor all evening. I was especially pleased to see Kate’s boyfriend busting some moves, despite breaking his back in a recent spectacular racing accident. I can’t decide if that beats last week’s dancer—who was fresh from surgery on both knees—or if it’s first equal…

We’ll be back

This chateau has captured the hearts of the guys in the band—possibly because the food was so good, the location so stunning, or the owners so lovely—and we look forward to playing there again. There was talk of 2021, which would be the furthest ahead we’ve ever been booked…

Once again, all the best to the new Mr & Mrs O’Connor, from me and the rest of the band!

UPDATE: I just received this email, so I think they liked it…

Hi Alex & Co.
Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for being so amazing at our wedding in Chateau Du Doux 29th June. Everyone was raving about you guys after the wedding. The music was top class and you’re such a lovely group. Song choices were perfect and my only regret was that it wasn’t so hot so I could have danced more!! Thank you for your beautiful playing in the Church Alex. My friend Kate that sang with you was so delighted to have met you. You two worked so well together and made the church so special for us. Highly recommend you guys for any wedding. It was definitely one of my best decisions for the wedding!! Thanks again,

Jen & Dave

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