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Back to Chateau La Durantie

La Durantie Marquee
All set up to play with SouthWest last SaturHOTday

Last Saturday saw a return to Chateau La Durantie, in the north of the Dordogne.

It’s an absolutely spectacular venue – a gorgeous, honey coloured stone mansion with palatial rooms and extensive grounds.

This time, it wasn’t an Irish wedding – it was an Irish/British affair. Before the evening party with SouthWest, I played cocktails, and was unexpectedly joined by Dan – an excellent sax player, who’d flown in from a wedding in Cornwall the previous evening (!). Here’s some video he shot:

I’ve put some more images and video from the day on Istagram. Feel free to follow, for further feel-good functions.

And huge FELICITATIONS for Adam and Jules – I’m sure that party is still going on!

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