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Irish weddings ‘r’ us

wedding music chateau du doux
These panoramas are good for the back

On Saturday, SouthWest returned to Chateau du Doux for our second Irish wedding of the year. (Featuring easily the tallest Irish people I’ve ever met.)

I got to play the ceremony beforehand, and learnt a new song for the occasion (“The One” by Kodaline).

The weather was fantastic – again – and we had some lovely feedback from the guests. (My challenge this year is to get reviews on Google. Let’s see if I can make that happen…) One guy, who could do well as a Greg Davies lookalike kept on shouting, “This is my favourite song!” whenever we started a new one. [Hint: This is exactly the way to behave at a gig.]

Another great thing about Saturday – I ran into Andy, who I played with many years ago. He was there with Beki to do the disco, after we finished, and it was excellent to catch up after all this time. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing them again soon!

Thank you enormously to Cian and Sue, for having us as part of their Big Day! Here’s to a wonderful rest of life together!

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