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Cadouin fan art!

Two years ago, just before a gig in Cadouin, we were given our first ever fan art. I published it here.

Two days ago, during my final gig in Cadouin (more on that in a moment), we were given our second ever piece of fan art – by the same artist. Thank you Robin!! You can see how their style has developed, when you see the images side by side…

southwest fan art
SouthWest by Robin ©2020
southwest fan art 2
SouthWest by Robin ©2022

I love the way they have included the new equipment (new lights and mixing desk this year), and animated the image with flying quavers (not a bad name for a band).

The image of the abbey on the main blog page was created by Nikki, who is clearly interested in architecture (although has an appreciation of music).

The big news, then

Also in Cadouin last Thursday, we met a keyboard player and pianist who may be my replacement in SouthWest. I didn’t want to say anything until someone was in place, because I don’t want my solo clients – or our band clients – worrying about their weddings next year.

The person we met has an even more extensive set list than I have, and looks like they will fit in perfectly. More on this in the weeks to come.

I will be moving to the UK at the end of this season. So this may well be the last time I play in Cadouin, in front of this absolutely beautiful scene. Here’s a moody panorama from Thursday, as we began to pack down to go home…

cadouin panorama
Moody panorama shot, including Thierry

Oh, I did record and film this, so I might add a video later. Ciao for now.

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