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Back on stage—twice

All the weddings from 2020 have been pushed into 2021 and beyond. And for a while, it looked like this year would be totally free of gigs. But the band’s public gigs have gone ahead—and we played twice this week!

Here’s the view from my keyboard of Thursday’s gig in Cadouin.

live music in cadouin

Quite a good crowd, in the circumstances. It was strange to be out and about after months of staying inside. But at least we can play in the street. On the band’s Farcebook page, you’ll find a video clip taken by someone I worked with last year, which shows what a superb setting this is. This after-show shot doesn’t really do it justice…

southwest in cadouin

Before the gig, we were given our first ever piece of fan art. Here it is—and a huge THANK YOU again to Robin!

southwest fan art

Friday evening saw us back in Limeuil, at our other summer public venue. Here’s a shot from my keyboard just after we set up.

southwest band in limeuil

You can’t tell from this, but the location is stunning, at the meeting of the Vezère and Dordogne rivers. One of my favourite places round here.

For anyone in the area, we’re in Cadouin for the next three Thursdays. Maybe see you there!

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