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At least once a year, I get to play with the astonishing Phyllipa Scammell—singer, cellist, double-bass player and entertainer extraordinaire. This year, it was for a wedding at Chateau Soulac.

chateau soulac chapel
The chapel before the ceremony—I’m still loving the panorama format…

We played the ceremony in the chapel, including a special request, followed by the drinks party in the garden. Because we both play weddings as soloists, we have huge freedom when we play together. Phyllipa can choose to play either bass or cello, or just sing, or sing and play–or switch between all instruments. I also got to see her solo version of “Don’t worry, be happy” on a looper, which was excellent.

She’s still touring with Saramabalouf and plays without numerous other people at every level of the fame pyramid—so if you want to book her, you’ll have to get in touch fast.

(No video or recording will be available from this wedding, by request)

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