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Rain stopped play

On Thursday morning, it rained the kind of rain familiar to everyone who has been on a caravan holiday in Scotland, Wales, southwest England—pretty much anywhere in Britain. After lunch, the rain dried up and the decision was made for the SouthWest gig in Cadouin to go ahead.

southwest cover band sound check
Soundcheck under blue skies in front of the abbey in Cadouin.

We set up in front of the abbey, as usual, did our soundcheck, had a quick bite to eat—thank you Meiti—and got an hour into the set before the dark clouds returned. I live nearby and know the skies well, so I reluctantly called time on the gig. We packed everything away and the rain started falling steadily as we shut the last of our things in the car.

Timing is everything.


I put this video together yesterday for those who couldn’t make it. I think that’s about 7.7 billion of you.

SouthWest playing in Cadouin on August 1st, until the rain came.

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