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Last weddings of 2019 (possibly)

Last weekend (nearly up to date with the blog now), I had two weddings in one day. The first was a lunchtime affair back at Château de Lacoste, about 45 minutes east of where I live. The chapel is very small, as you can see from this photograph…

chapel at chateau de lacoste
It’s a very small chapel – now I know why I played outside the last time I was here…

So I set up at the altar end, behind that pillar. The couple had asked for two special songs and two hymns, for a traditional protestant service in French. Hymns are not that tricky and I might hook up with a couple of priests I met this year and see if there are any church gigs going over the winter.

In the afternoon, I hooked up with the band and headed down to the Lot-et-Garonne for an evening dance party. Not for the first time this year, I forgot to hit “record” on the GoPro and missed what was an excellent first set. (I did record it on my H1n, so there is some evidence of this…)

Here’s us setting up at one end of the marquee, out of sight of the guests…

wedding band lot et garonne
The first shot of Gérard with short hair!

And here’s a screen grab from the second set, after I remembered to hit “record”…

Later that day (after I finally remembered to press “record” on the camera

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