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Chateau of Rock!

And a couple of days after THAT gig, I went to Chateau Picon with Purple Rock. This was a kind of soirée gourmand that you get around here throughout the summer. As will almost all the gigs I play over the summer, the venue was beautiful…

Chateau Picon musique
Setting up in the shade is highly recommended

I shot some video of this gig, but one of the sound guys also took a few for the band’s Facebook page. Here’s a clip of “Sympathy for the Devil” with a recommendation to do a vocal warmup before attempting the “Woo-woo”s. Once you start, you’re not allowed to stop, although I’ve elected to go low in the chorus while Ian (on drums) goes high.

Jean-Claude shot this video—I’ll be adding some footage from the camera you can see next to the speaker near me, later in the year…

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