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Barn dance

Not really. This is the setup before we played a wedding last Saturday. A half-French, half-British affair – I’ve never seen so many bilingual people in one place! Video was shot and sound was recorded, but this week is very busy, preparing for two big gigs on Friday and Saturday, with two different bands, plus an important rehearsal with a totally different set list on Thursday morning.

What do you mean, easy life?

Not all those speakers were ours – a DJ took over after our set. Almost everyone at this wedding is a sportsperson, so there was no lack of stamina!

UPDATE: I received this email yesterday from the happy couple. It sounds like they liked it.

A bit delayed but we just wanted to send you a message to say thank you SO MUCH for Saturday night. You were absolutely amazing. And you did such a long set!

I read a review you posted on Facebook a few weeks ago which said thank you and that guests all commented on how good the band were. I secretly thought to myself fingers crossed that it will be the same at ours!

And it absolutely was, so many people have commented on you guys – from talent to choice of songs.

It was a perfect day for us and made even more special by the fantastic music. So thank you!!

Is there anywhere I can leave a review?

Thank you!

Clare and Jean Pierre 

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