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Fête de la musique 2019

On June 21st every year, France has a music festival everywhere. It’s called the “Fête de la musique” and towns and villages throughout the land put up stages and host bands for the public, for free. With food and bars, too. Obviously. This is France.

Yesterday, I fêted la musique in the jawdroppingly beautiful village of Issigeac, with Purple Rock. (If you haven’t been to Issigeac, it’s a must see in this area. It’s like walking through Elizabethan England. It’s ridiculously lovely, as you’ll see from that link in the first sentence.

Here’s the band having a relaxed practice on Thursday.

Purple Rock band practice
Another great band of musical brothers.

And here’s the stage we played on. I did shoot some video, but I’m off to a wedding in an hour, so you’ll have to wait…

The rain did stop for the evening. But this cover was a deity-send.

UPDATE: Here’s a short video I put together with a couple of Bob Marley songs I love to play:

One camera this time, but using a few tricks to keep the eye interested…

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