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The League of Improvisation

On the last Friday of every month, I usually accompany a bunch of improvisers for an evening of face-achingly funny skits. These skits are prompted by suggestions from the audience in the way you might expect. I usually play between scenes – just a few bars of something upbeat, to keep the energy up.

A few weeks ago, in mid April, there was another improv evening even nearer where I live. So I went along. Here, the director, Yann, suggested something we hadn’t tried before: When I play something, they can’t speak. When I stop playing, they can. This is what happened. I won’t make much sense, ‘cos the sound is very quiet for the spoken parts, which are also in French. I’m including it here because it happened, and to show willing.

I could write this caption in French. But I won’t.

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